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cPanel Linux Hosting

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WireNine web hosting platform is powered by the award-winning cPanel control panel. cPanel is easy to use, feature rich and offers tons of practical applications that all play key roles in simplifying the administration of your website(s).

With cPanel Hosting, you get the necessary flexibility for an extensive array of scripts, programs and installations. cPanel 11 is loaded with every tool you'll need for success allowing you to focus on web development and business management instead of using your resources for server administration.

cPanel's superior stability, security, performance and usability are frequent topics of conversation among Linux hosting industry experts. Review the impressive list of just SOME of cPanel's features below:

cPanel control panel features

Easily manage every aspect of your web hosting account!

Domain Management

  • Effortless Subdomain Creation.
  • Add-on Domain Administration
  • Parked Domain Creation
  • Domain Re-direct Management


  • Easy Email Account Management
  • Choice of Horde or SquirrelMail Webmail Interfaces
  • Email Verification SPAM Prevention
  • Email Forwarding & Autoresponders
  • Mailing List Administration
  • Ability to Modify MX Entry
  • Email Backups

File Management

  • Multiple File Management Options
  • Easy Drag & Drop File Management
  • File Backup Creation

Web Stats & Logs

  • Last 300 Web Visitors Profiles
  • Bandwidth Statistics
  • Webalizer Web Log Analysis
  • AWStats
  • Raw Log Access
  • Quick Web Stats Access
  • Log of Last 300 Errors

Database Administration

  • MySQL & PostgreSQL Database Management
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL Database Wizard
  • phpMyAdmin MySQL Management Interface
  • External Server MySQL Access Administration
  • phpPgAdmin PostgreSQL Management Interface


  • Directory Password Protection
  • IP Blocking
  • Hotlink Bandwidth Protection
  • Public Posting Password Defense

Web Developer Tools

  • Softaculous 1-Click Hosting app installer
  • Ruby on Rails Management
  • Ruby Gem Installation
  • PHP Configuration
  • PEAR - PHP Extension & Application Repository
  • Perl Module Installation
  • Pre-installed Guestbook Scripts

Additional Features

  • Image Scaler, Converter & Thumbnailer
  • Custom Error Page Creation
  • Cron Job Script Automation
  • Domain Lookup & Traceroute Tools
  • Browser Specific Extension Handlers
  • Apache Handlers
  • Directory Customization

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